System for sludge pumping  


When pumping an acidic fraction, wear and tear of the moving pump parts occurs quickly. Through corrosion in the pipes and short-welded bends, blockage occurred.  

System for sludge pumpingSystem for sludge pumping


Replace the existing piston pumps with a membrane pump, so that moving components do not make contact with the product. Replace the steel pipe system with pipes made out of composite material, and made with long radius elbows.


After receiving the go-ahead from the client, we started measuring the site where the site pumps should be installed. This happened with the aid of a total station that creates a 3D-point cloud, which we can integrate into our 3D drawing package. 

The device measures up to a distance of 3000m, and with an accuracy of up to 1mm. Starting with the point cloud, the area is drawn, the pumps are placed, and the pipe spools designed. For the intake suction side, rigid PVC was chosen and for the discharge HDPE. Choke valves were used. As a result, a good flow is guaranteed and the product will only come into contact with the rubber membrane of the valve, which is also used as a sealant. Wear and tear or failing of the valves is almost completely eliminated.

In consultation with the client and other contractors, a tight schedule was created through which the works could be performed in an optimal manner within the determined period.

All spools were prefabricated on our premises and pressure tested.  

The pumps were installed and the corresponding spools assembled. At the startup of the installation, ACD was present to, if necessary, ensure the process control regarding vibrations, expansions of the pipes, pump-alignment, and heat development. We have the latest up to date monitoring devices at our disposal.