Pump support - High vibrations

Observation during monitoring: 

It was established during the monitoring that, both on the horizontal and vertical surface, high vibrations were measured. Spectral analysis shows we are dealing with vibrations of 1xrpm. 

Pump support - High vibrations

Suggested plan of action:

It was determined that the pump is not fully supported on the clutch-side by the structure. In consultation with the involved department of the company, the structure was improved.

Pump support - High vibrations

Observation after the modification:

The machine was re-monitored after the modification. At the same monitoring point as the first observation, the spectrum below was measured. We observed a dramatic decrease in vibrations.

Pump support - High vibrations


Through a relatively simple action, the vibrations have decreased significantly. As a result of less vibrations, the pressure on the components of the support has significantly decreased (seals, bearings, etc.).

Through these measures, action has been taken to increase the life expectancy of the machinery. 

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