Routine measurement damage to bearings

Observation during routine measurements: During a routine measurement, a slight deviation was noticed on a ventilator motor (630 kW). 

The following observation was made in the report: 

Motor: We observed a phenomenon on the non-clutching side of the motor, which might indicate a beginning problem with the lagers. The development is still too small to be able to make any conclusions. The measuring point is not always accessible due to a cover to dim noise. 

We suggest to additionally lubricate the engine and to remove the noise dimming cover during the next routine measurement. This way, the measuring point can be used to backtrack and create more insight into this development.

Observation during a routine measurement two months later:


During the last routine measurement, the machine received a yellow alert due to a beginning problem with the bearings. In the present situation, we have observed a considerable increase. The graph below shows the last 3 measurements:

Measurement damage to bearings

We advise you to replace the bearings at the first possible opportunity. 

This advice was provided in view of the rapid changes and concerns a critical machine. It was considered if the machine could still be operated for an additional 3 months, before stopping, at the request of the company. 

During analysis, we established that it concerns an inner ring problem. We have suggested a bi-weekly follow-up and stated that the stagnation is difficult or not feasible. 

 As a result, the company decided to immediately replace the bearings.

Bearing damage

Tracks are clearly visible. On one spot, there is a clear sign of possible chipping.

Measurement damage to bearingsMeasurement damage to bearings


Due to a timely replacement of the bearings, a sudden stop in production was avoided. 

Also, there is no consequential damage. The motor is still in use after the replacement of the bearing. 

This case has taught us that routine measurements and their frequency are necessary for installations. Additionally, we observe that the exchange of information and the on-site evaluations are very important.

Through a transparent consultation, customized advice can be provided concerning the machinery.