Online measurement system


Turbines and generators are the heart of the business of electricity providers. Vibrations are monitored via remote probes, and are continuously stored in a PLS system. Previously, the alarm and trip levels were determined by these vibration values. This is necessary because a machine with acute problems must be able to stop quickly and safely.

The client reported several times that the trend reported inexplicable vibration peaks. After troubleshooting with an online analysis measuring system, we established that the peaks were not related to the machine. It concerned malfunction peaks, which had stopped the machine involuntarily. After consultation with the client, we were able to present a sound and sufficient system./p>

Some of the main advantages were:

  • Fast hardware-based disconnection of the machine through a pivoting point (programmable relay cards).
  • Analysis possibilities via buffered exhausts and implementation of the Keyphasor module.
  • 4,20 mA exit fully separated from the measurement loop and therefore less sensitive to malfunction.
  • Possibility for expansion by acquiring analysis software.


The previous monitoring system was replaced during a shutdown, through proximitors and machine protection systems.

Online monitoring system

Troubleshooting is much simpler with buffered exits:

Start-up problems due to excessive vibrations of the generator.

Online measurement system

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