Tailored condition determination: time signal analysis on robots

A company active in the automotive sector uses robots with a 7th axis.

The 6-axis robots stand on a guide system/track, which forms the 7th axis. In this way, the robot can perform its tasks over a length of 6-9 metres.

The Predictive Maintenance Department was asked to determine/monitor the quality of the bearings and guides.

6-axis robot on a guide system

As we are not dealing with a cyclical movement, time-waveform analysis was used.

Tailor-made condition determination: time signal analysis on robots

In the above example, you can see a deviation in the connection of 2 guide rails.

In cooperation with the customer, we were therefore able to work out a measurement protocol, which detects even small deviations. This gives the customer the possibility to correct a small detected problem before it can cause a breakdown of the installation.