Case – looseness magnetic drive pump

A company in the chemical industry noticed some internal looseness in a magnetic drive pump.

Observations during measurement

While measuring we heard a throbbing sound, noticeable most clearly on the pump. 

The measurements show harmonic frequencies.


These phenomena indicate internal looseness. The company was advised to replace the pump fairly soon.

Observations during overhaul

While overhauling the pump, we noticed a remarkable amount of corrosion.

In all probability water has entered the bearing housing. In the course of time the bearing has started to fret, causing the outer ring to revolve along with it in the pump housing. 


Case conclusion 

By conducting a vibration measurement we have diagnosed a serious problem in the machine. This way we have prevented an unexpected outage.

This case shows that vibration measurements not only detect the most common type of bearing damage. The full condition of the machine was mapped!