The customer wants a valve installed at the outlet of a steam turbine, between the condenser and the steam turbine. The canal is 1600 mm across.


  • Advise the customer in choosing the right valve. 
  • Install the valve in the outlet canal of the turbine, paying particular attention to minimal process impact.


Phase 1: choice of valve 

  • ACD specialists draw up specifications the valve must meet 
  • Market research is conducted to find out which suppliers comply with the set specifications 
  • A call for tender is written and sent out 
  • ACD negotiates with suppliers, looking after the customer’s interests

Phase2: Engineering 

  • The space concerned is measured with 3D measurement techniques and charted according to a 3D model 
  • The required components (valve, supporting steel Construction, rerouting of the tubing) are fitted into the 3D model The required drawings are made on the basis of the 3D model
3D engineering Custom Made Piping3D engineering Custom Made Piping

Fase3: Prefabricatie/Installatie 

  • The components are meticulously constructed in our workshop and prepared for assembly 
  • The components are installed on site with particular attention to a minimal process impact. This project was built in no more than 3 days
Placement butterfly valve condensorPlacement butterfly valve condensor

Fase4: SAT (Site Acceptance Test) 

On site some tests are conducted to check the density and the working of the system

Site Acceptance Test butterfly valve steamturbine


Using state of the art 3D Technologies ACD has fully satisfied the customer’s demands. After all, our modern work method allows us to complete a project from start to finish with the utmost precision within a minimal period of time. If challenges such as a short time frame or limitations in building space sound familiar to you, don’t hesisitate to contact us.