Knife valve

Question from the client:

Design a sealant that guarantees the sealing of the axles. A standard knife valve or butterfly valve causes deposits on the loading of the seats. Subsequently, they can no longer be closed safely. Butterfly valves can end up in parts of the installation, causing it to be unsafe to enter the installation for maintenance.

Knife valveKnife valve

Challenge for ACD:

How to avoid deposits on the seats. How to realize the sealant. Make sure that potential deposits do not prevent the valve from closing. The choice of material of the different parts will play a crucial role in this. 

The Solution

By consulting the client, the expectations of the client will be established. This results in a preliminary design, on the basis of which we will create a detailed design. The existing installation will possibly be measured with 3D modification methods. Subsequently, the detailed design will be developed and added to the model of the existing installation. 

Workshop drawings will be generated from the 3D monitoring package for each part. Parts are made in the workshop or by one of our regular suppliers. Assembly of the different parts takes place in our facility. If necessary, delivery to the client can take place prior to installation. Complete execution is subject to the requirements of the specific domain. The CE marking is applicable for this design.