Case vibration measurement tooth engagement

posted on 22/06/2016 [Predictive maintenance]

Case with advice about tooth engagement, read more about the ACD cost saving measures .

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ACD wint voor tweede maal de Safety Award!

posted on 7/06/2016 [News]

ACD wins safety award

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Case study trillingsmeting stijgende lagerschade

posted on 2/06/2016 [Predictive maintenance]

Op een condensaatpomp van een turbine werd een lagerschade vastgesteld in een routemeting. In deze case zien we het belang van extra aandacht vanaf de vorming van een kleine schade.

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New Predictive Analyst

posted on 19/05/2016 by Admin [Vacancies]

We recently hired a predictive analyst. Check our other job opportunities.

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Balancing as a compromise

posted on 23/02/2016 [Predictive maintenance]

A company in the waste processing industry noticed an urgent problem on a fan (3000 rpm). This machine is crucial for the unit. You can read the solution to this problem in the following case.

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Bearing damage when stationary

posted on 27/01/2016 [Predictive maintenance]

During predictive maintenance in the petrochemical industry, a bearing problem was detected and solved. Read the case.

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New Data collector CSI2140

posted on 12/01/2016 [Predictive maintenance]

ACD delivers high quality services. ACD optimizes her systems therefore continuously. With the use of this new data collector, the quality of the vibration measurements will be secured.

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