Case Thermography

posted on 15/12/2015 [Predictive maintenance]

Bij een klant in de meststoffen industrie werd er tijdens een inspectieronde een verhoogde temperatuur op enkele motoren vastgesteld.

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Case damage analysis

posted on 19/11/2015 [Predictive maintenance]

Vibration measurements while driving showed increased friction in an engine with non - regreasable bearings. Read the case on how this issue was solved.

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New vacancies

posted on 14/10/2015

New vacancies online

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Case vibration measurement

posted on 22/09/2015 [Predictive maintenance]

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Case- Bearing damage while driving

posted on 13/08/2015

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ACD wins Safety Award

posted on 7/07/2015 by Admin [News]

As a contractor in the petrochemistry ACD wins a Safety Award.

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Case study: ADRE measurement - Surge

posted on 8/06/2015 by Admin [Predictive maintenance]

Case study: ADRE measurement - Surge. ACD NV found the cause of startup problems in a integrated gears compressor thanks to spectral analysis.

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Case Study: Butterfly valve

posted on 8/06/2015 by Admin [Piping]

ACD build a butterfly valve in between a turbine exit and condensor.

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Getting started with condition monitoring

posted on 21/04/2015 by Admin [Predictive maintenance]

Starting with condition monitoring? ACD helps you with measurement and analysis of your machines and plants. Contact ACD.

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Certificering CAT II ISO18436.2

posted on 14/04/2015 by Admin [News]

Recently 8 employees of ACD NV got certified. Contact ACD NV for the vibration measurement of your machines and plants!

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Exhibition - Maintenance - 1 & 2 april

posted on 2/03/2015 by Admin [Events]

Get to know ACD at the exhibition Maintenance - Industry - Environment 2015.

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New Business Development Manager

posted on 2/03/2015 by Admin [Vacancies]

Are you our new New Business Development Manager? Apply here for this position and join our team!

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New website.

posted on 23/02/2015 by Admin

ACD proudly presents its renewed website.

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