Rotating equipment Rotating equipment

Rotating equipment

ACD Rotating Equipment works in the oil, gas and process industries. Our pump mechanics are specialised in the maintenance, adjustment, alignment and overhaul of rotating equipment: pumps, gearboxes, fans, blowers, screw conveyors, etc. Over the years, ACD has built up expertise in various types and brands of pumps: Centrifugal pumps (Overhang, Split Line, Egger), positive displacement pumps (Viking, Johnson, Verder, Bornemann, Bredell), diaphragm pumps (ARO, SPX, Sandpiper). Overhauls and repairs are carried out both in our well-equipped workshop in Essen and on-site at the customer.

A periodic check-up prevents serious damage to your rotating equipment and thus to your system or production process. The chance of a possible failure of your installation is thus reduced to a minimum. And not unimportant: your maintenance costs are controlled in this way.

How does a standard overhaul of your rotating equipment work?

1. Receipt, cleaning and visual inspection

2. Drawing up a file, documented with photos and information from the customer.

3. Opening of machine (documented with photos)

  • Measurement check
  • Run-out
  • Axial and radial play check
  • Drawing up a protocol
  • Cleaning of parts (sandblasting, ultrasonic, chemical)
  • Preparation of report and specifications
  • Consultation with the customer

4. Machine assembled according to agreement

5. Balancing of rotating parts if necessary

6. Machine testing

  • Static pressure test
  • Test run
  • Conditioning and preparation for transport

ACD nv is your partner for:

  • Technical advice regarding your rotating equipment
  • Alignment of mechanical couplings, drives, belt drives and shaft drives
  • Machining: drilling, milling, conventional turning, balancing, machine tapping
  • Bearing assemblies

You can also contact ACD nv for standstill maintenance:

  • Revision of all kinds of transport systems on site
  • Change of machines/valves
  • Overhaul of fans on site

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