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Port of Antwerp

ACD has been an industrial service provider in the maintenance area since 1989. Throughout the years, the structure, volume, and tasks of ACD have evolved. ACD started as a sole proprietorship and transformed into an SME. Its services evolved from pure engineering to on-site, hands-on maintenance. 

At present, ACD’s activities can be divided into 4 sections: 

The evolution of ACD led to a shift and expansion in/of risks. It is therefore important that the company continues to evolve in terms of safety, health, and environment. ACD aims for high standards in terms of safety, hence its VCA Petro certificate. Safety is a concern for everyone. Therefore, ACD wishes to build long-term relationships with its employees, contractors, partners, and customers by ensuring a reliable and safe collaboration. Here at ACD, we do not work with blinders on. Every employee has one eye on their own safety and the other on the people around him/her.

SGS VCA Certificaat