Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Starting with condition monitoring 

To determine if you need condition monitoring or not, you need to ask yourself one key question: What is the result in sudden failure of a machine? (Revision time, production costs, consequential, overtime ...) When you start with condition monitoring this raises many questions:

  • which parameters to measure? 
  • What technique to use?
  • How often should the measurements be performed? 
  • Which machines to measure? ... 

Selection of machines and associated techniques

First and foremost there is a determination of the critical machinery, the machines with expensive spare parts or with a long overhaul time. ... Each type of machine and its functions need a determination of the required techniques as well as the intervals. We can assist you with all of this. We offer you the right technique at the right time and place, thus saving you time and money. 

Selection of equipment and measuring points 

A correct and repeatable measurement is vital to a good analysis of the data. There is a wide array of sensors, transmitters, transform modules, measuring systems, ... We select the correct supplies for your measurement campaign and find the best solution. 

Measurement and analysis

In the measurement and analysis, there are various possible imlementations. You can choose for a complete measurement and analysis package or go with the support analysis. Given the great potential in this area, please contact us. We search for the right solution for your situation.

Condition Monitoring

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