Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Ultrasonic Measurements

The first indication that a machine is not working properly is often a strange noise. However, our human hearing is not precise enough to hear all frequencies. We cannot hear all sound waves above 20 Khz. However, even those sounds often indicate a malfunction.

Targeted noise measurements 

Our ultrasonic measurements record sounds that cannot be perceived by the human ear. Thanks to the directional operation of US sound waves, we can exactly determine the origins of anomalous signals.

Ultrasonic measurements for predictive machine maintenanceUltrasonic measurements for predictive machine maintenance

Many applications

Ultrasonic measurements are essential in these cases: 

  • Inspection of machines - In combination with heat and vibration measurements, the sound waves provide the big picture. They are infallible in the detection of abnormalities in fast and slow ball-bearings, commutator brushes, pinions, shutoff valves, injectors, springs and bearings, etc. They also show unusual and inconvenient vibrations in machines and general rotating equipment. 
  • Leak detection - Sound waves are often the best method to detect leaks. They work particularly well in the precise localization of leaks in pipes, fittings, valves, turbines, condensers, transformers, circuit breakers, relays, etc. 
  • Density inspection - Is a reservoir or tank not completely shut down correctly? A quick ultrasound measurement can determine the exact location of the leak, so that we can then quickly close it.

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