Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance


Do you recognize these phenomena? Your machine isn’t working properly. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn’t. And you can’t seem to figure out what the exact problem is. In almost every production area, machines can suddenly start to lead their own lives. Due to the complexity of today’s systems, machinery and processing techniques, it is not always clear what the problem is exactly. And that of course creates a lot of problems.

The good news: Those elusive phenomena often have an obvious cause. They can be solved after a thorough diagnosis. And this is one of ACD’s strong points.

Predictive maintenance of machines - troubleshooting

Measuring with multiple channels

DThere are many possible causes of strange behavior of your machine. Perhaps you are placing too much load on your machine. Or maybe it is due to an incorrect operation or configuration.

Therefore, it is important to use various ways of analysis: 

  • Measurement at different, carefully chosen times 
  • Monitoring of various production parameters (load, speed, flow, etc.) 
  • Monitoring of vibrations in different places
Machine measurements with multiple channels

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