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The temperature measured on your machines is an important parameter in the determination of its condition. You can compare it to a child who has a fever: a higher temperature indicates that something is wrong. Our diagnostic techniques are so detailed that they are able to immediately determine where the problem is located.

Thermographic camera images

Our thermographic camera gives a very detailed visual representation of the thermal state of your machines and installation.

Thermographic camera images for predictive maintenance

Many uses 

Thermography is particularly useful in a wide range of industrial applications: 

  • Inspection of switch room - Loose or overloaded electrical connections and circuits quickly become warm. Our thermographic camera accurately shows these defects. You will avoid loss of production or, much worse, fire. 
  • Monitoring of buildings - If we focus our thermographic camera on your premises, we are able to bring a lot more issues to light: heat loss, cold bridges, moisture problems, leak detection, etc. Our diagnosis saves you high energy bills. 
  • Inspection of machines - Thermography perfectly supplements vibration measurements in order to identify defects. Insulation issues, malfunctioning bearings or gearboxes, or warn belts; they are all visible on our razor sharp thermal images. Read the case study: "Thermography of High Voltage Motors"
  • Monitoring installations - Thermography also has endless applications in general production areas: monitoring of heat distribution on coolers, pollution / blockage, insulation inspection on pipes, tanks, etc. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of production environments, we are able to provide you with customized solutions to optimize your installations.
Thermography for Industrial maintenanceThermography for Industrial maintenance

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