Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Signal analysis

In the fast moving world of measurements and circuits, sometimes the need to make signals ‘visible’ arises.

Measurement solutions

These signals can be a combination of:

  • Pressure, temperature, and flow sensor 
  • Flux, power drive 
  • Vibration sensors, distance measurements 
  • Speed measurements 
  • Relay contacts 
  •  … and many more
Multichannel measurements

Multichannel measurements 

We measure with a multichannel device, by which all the channels are simultaneously sampled with a high frequency. 

The signal can be processed for storage (adding, integrating, resources for data reduction, etc.) 

The measuring device is capable of capturing an event that deviates from the ‘norm’. For this, the device will capture raw waveform based data before and after the event (depending on the set time). We can then use this recorded data to perform the necessary mathematical analysis.

Predictive maintenance through signal analysisPredictive maintenance through signal analysis

Analysis and reporting

We require a wide range of software tools to visualize our data.

Analysis and reporting during predictive maintenance analysisAnalysis and reporting during predictive maintenance analysis

Sometimes, we create ‘custom’ devices for the customer. In a reflexive experiment, you can operate the device by yourself and thus perform a first-hand analysis without our presence. In such cases, a printout of the desired report will not consist of more than ‘pressing the button’.


  • Temporary test modes and continuously placed test modes (with user profile) 
  • Measuring signal interference (‘spike’) 
  • Switching times and order in complex systems 
  • Dirty electrical signals (including power drive)

Signal analysis

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