Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Condition monitoring of bearings

Bearings behave differently than other parts of your machine. Traditional vibration measurements on the bearing housing are often insufficient to register any abnormalities. It is much better to study the machineĀ“s axis movement by yourself. Usually, the vibration information becomes available using fixed mounted displacement transducers or Eddy Current Probes.

Continuous measurement

Some machines with bearings (compressors or turbines) have a very important function in a commercial production environment. The high maintenance and loss of production costs of such material makes it possible to use intelligent data analysis systems to determine the condition of your machine. This can range from trending overall vibration levels to separate PC/server data logging systems.

Continuous measurement of bearingsContinuous measurement of bearings

Periodic measurements

In some cases, a single measurement of bearings is sufficient and without the need for constant monitoring. In such cases, we use a mobile measurement system (Adre/sxp) that we can quickly install. It is ideal for troubleshooting, routine measurements, and start-up / shutdown measurements. .

Condition monitoring of bearings

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