Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Alignment and balancing

An unbalance or misaligned machine / installation can cause unnecessary vibrations than lead to wear or damage. The right balance of your machine is crucial for its life span.


Traditional alignment tools are often not accurate enough to precisely align your machines. Therefore, ACD uses laser optics. This technique is faster and more precise. It ensures: 

  • Less vibration 
  • Longer life span of mechanical seals 
  • Longer life span of couplings, gears, and bearings 
  • Reduced maintenance (costs) 
  • Lower energy use due to friction losses

Predictive maintenance through alignment and balancing

Predictive maintenance through alignment and balancing

Sometimes, expanding and aligning the rotor on a balancing machine is not possible or desirable. In such cases, ACD provides on-site balancing of your machine. We will take our equipment to the site. The rotor remains in place and will be perfectly balanced with a minimum loss of time.

Balancing on-site

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