Piping & Construction Piping & Construction

Piping and Construction

Your technical installations often run all the time. They are highly strained machines, so we understand that you place high demands on the quality of the accompanying piping. ACD is an experienced partner for engineering, production, and maintenance of all your systems that must meet these requirements.

Extensive knowledge of materials: 

  • Carbon Steel 
  • Stainless steel
  • Pigging systems
  • Aluminium Alloys 
  • Plastic pipes (PE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PVDF etc.)

Partner from start to finish 

  • Drawing PID 
  • Creating Pipe-spec 
  • On-site measurements 
  • Drawing CAD models/ISOs 
  • Prefab spools 
  • Testing spools 
  • NDE inspection 
  • Surface treatment 
  • Pre-assembly 
  • On-site installation 
  • On-site coordination (insulation works, scaffolding, hoists, etc.) 
  • End-testing 
  • Dossier composition 
  • According to these standards: ASME, DIN, PED 

Prefabrication in our workshop 

You want the shutdown of your machine to be over as quickly as possible, because every second of downtime means loss of production. Therefore, we build your systems and installations in our workshop, after meticulous and accurate measurements at your work site of course. 

As a result, we can create complex flow paths in advance and only require interrupting your normal processes for a couple of local adjustments. 

ACD is also well equipped for the manufacture of Pipe Skids for the oil and gas industry. Again, we can build the skidframe, piping, and instrumentation in our workshop.

Simple and complex constructions 

ACD offers you a wide range of constructions ranging from simple collapse profiles to elaborate installation modules. We use a variety of materials and work in accordance with the applicable standards.

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