Customized machines Customized machines

Machinery and Engineering

Your business requires very specific devices and machines. They have to fit exactly into your production flow and allow you to work as efficiently as possible. Not all machines are always available ready-to-use. Therefore, ACD provides customized solutions.

Sometimes our engineers work together with your specialists to create a design from scratch. We can also alter purchased machines so that they work exactly the way you want.

Stap 1: Engineering

Have you decided to build a new machine in collaboration with ACD? Then are provided with full use of our many years of experience as a machine builder. We are your partner in all steps of the process:

  • Gathering information - Through on-site analysis and consultation with your employees, we form a picture of your needs and how they can be best translated into practice.
  • Detailed measurement  - We measure your site using highly accurate 3D measuring tools.
  • Design and calculation - Our eight engineers will examine your project and provide constructive design simulations in 3D, structural calculations, FEA analysis, production drawings, layout diagrams, P&ID schematics, dynamic simulations, etc.
  • Our engineering department provides you with a design for the machine that is precisely tailored to your production and your space constraints.

Stap 2: Planning

We want to keep the interference of our work as minimal as possible. That’s why we provide you with plenty of information from the start and subsequently carefully plan our activities. You will experience minimal disruption.

Stap 3: Production

ACD produces your machines itself. As a result, we manage to maintain the high quality from start to finish. You can be ensured of a perfectly finished device. We also provide you with all necessary certificates, documents, and any training upon completion.

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